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Rely on REXA
As The Final Step In Process Control

Process driven industries such as power generation, water treatment, paper manufacturing and petroleum refining are major underpinnings of today's standard of living. We are at a crossroads for such enterprises. Management continues to strive for reduced costs, while the public and government demand a cleaner environment and preservation of natural resources. Improvement in control is the only path to meet these conflicting requirements.

Electronic instrumentation and digital computing have made their contributions to the control loop. Further improvements can only be performed at the final control element. This solution is entirely dependent on the dynamics and response of the actuator. Unfortunately, improved operation from traditional designs is unattainable. Only REXA's Electraulic™ actuation can bring incrementally enhanced performance to the final control element and increased efficiency to the process.

It is customary to think of an actuator only installed on a valve or a drive on a damper. The unique capabilities of Electraulic actuation shatter this constraint. Any application involving precise positioning can benefit. If you are unfamiliar with our capabilities, a convenient starting point would be a visit to any of our INDUSTRY annals to review what has already been accomplished in your particular area.